Introducing our new Sugar-Free range

We've developed a new and innovative sugar-free range designed to appeal to those people looking for a great-tasting, guilt-free soft drink option.

May 2015

The first offering in its category, our new sugar-free cordial range consists of two new exciting flavours, Cherry & Elderflower and Apple & Lemonbalm.

New Cherry & Elderflower cordial pairs the juicy, clean astringencies of cherry with the floral herbaceousness of elderflower, whilst the essence of crisp ripe apples in new Apple & Lemonbalm cordial gives structure to the subtly citrus garden herb.  

We've developed the new non-alcoholic range in response to the growing demand for the reduction of sugar in food and drink products. The two new variants combine low-calorie sweeteners, Sucralose and Stevia from leaf extracts and continue to use the best hand-crafted flavours and extracts in the Five Valleys Cordials range. With low-calorie sweeteners offering benefits in relation to weight management, dental health and diabetes, our new range of cordials aims to provide consumers with a guilt-free, great-tasting soft drinks alternative.

The new 375ml Sugar-Free range is available exclusively online, priced £3.50 each